Training & Nutrition

10 training tips


  • Set Realistic Goals


Lock in realistic goals that are current to your fitness level and time-frame to prepare.



  • Get buy in from your partner, friends and family


Make sure your loved ones are aware of your goals and training regimen. This will help with the support factor and accountability



  • Put your Goals on the Fridge


This is to remind yourself and everyone in your house of the end goal and what you want to achieve so you have a visual, it stays top of mind and acts as a countdown to the event.



  • Get a Running kit


Make sure you have comfortable clothes and shoes that you like. When you look good, you feel good too.



  • Find someone to train with


This will help you stay motivated and will mean you are less likely to forgo your training.



  • Set a realistic training program


Make sure this is suitable for you, your fitness level and age. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.



  • Run somewhere enjoyable


Train in an area that you like, even if it means jumping in the car and driving for 20 minutes to get there.



  • Run in the morning


Get it out of the way so you can get on with the rest of your day. Afternoon or evening training tends not to happen after a long and busy day.



  • Lock in the same day of training


Have set days that you train; three to four times a week at the same time.



  • Be prepared for wet or cold weather


Have a plan so you stick to your training. Get wet-weather clothes or gear for when it’s cold so you can still train.


How to run Indian Marathon


  • Step one: Enter the event early


  • Step two: Set your Goal


  • Step Three: Look good Feel good


  • Step Four: Start Training


  • Step Five: Warm up & Cool down


  • Step Six: Hydration & Nutrition


  • Step Seven: Get to know the Indian Marathon