You can now register and run as a team in the Indian Marathon, Half Marathon and the Indian Marathon 10K race (registration coming soon)!


Run as a family group or with your training partners, represent a cause or individual or your neighborhood! All teams will receive sequential bibs* because nothing says team like matching bibs! You will also have the opportunity to join team challenges and win prizes! Your team will be represented on our Team page.


*members must be registered by April 20th to guarantee sequential bibs

There is no extra cost to register a team.


  1. Team Captain clicks this link to register your team. THERE IS NO COST TO REGISTER A TEAM. You will have the option of pre-purchasing team entries or having your members register individually. There are discounts available for pre-purchased entries (5 entries or more).

  2. Once initial team registration is done, you'll receive a team code to give to your team members

  3. Team members will register individually using our regular online registration. They will automatically be added to your team when they use your team code.

  4. Review your team roster on our team page here

Your team info and roster will be posted on our team page and in our results issues.

Please feel free to send us team photos and a team bio so everyone can know who you are.

Are you running for a cause? 
Send us a link to your fundraiser and we will post that with your team info as well. Send information to info@indianmarathon.com


Up for a team challenge? 
Join one of or


Want to make sure your team is on point with some matching style?
Check out our new Team shop and get custom team apparel and commemorative items.


Are you already registered, but wanting to join a team?
Contact us at info@indianmarathon.com with your full name and the team code and we will update your registration.


Join one or both of our Team Challenges. Challenge another team. You pick the challenge. Winner gets the prize.


If your team and another have agreed to a competition, send us your team information and the rules of your game. We will post your challenge here and your results after the event. You can bet anything between yourselves, publicly or privately. Either way the winners will get a prize from the Indian Runners Association as well.


Challenge 1. Best combined finish time (all finish times

added together and divided by number of team members)


Challenge 2. Biggest Team