Sport becoming the first pick for leading brands

Sports sponsorship offers more benefits, more variety and  is just a more powerful form of marketing! 


Advantages of sports sponsorship
One of the clearest advantages of sponsoring major sporting events is that companies can still reach broad demographic audiences – something that is becoming more difficult in our increasingly fragmented media landscape. Other advantages include sport’s competitive, friendly, and dynamic nature; its emotional involvement; and its connection with positive values such as tenacity, good sportsmanship and team spirit.


Brand/Corporate awareness

A brand can leverage marketing benefits from an event. These sponsorship opportunities are highly visible, offering exposure to millions of consumers, who will give it a favourable recognition when exposed to other specific marketing messages.


Brand image

attempts to create a personality and style for a product which distinguish it from another in the market. Sponsoring 


Marathons can help create loyalty towards the brand.


Sports excites consumers, so pile onto the excitement by partnering with the athlete, team or event to put the brand and mission in the heart of the exciting conversation


Customer relations

Sports sponsorship can open dialogues between companies, showing the sponsor as a global player worthy of recognition and suitable to do business with.


Employee relations

Sports sponsorship can encourage company pride and loyalty to support the attraction and retention of staff.  


Community relations

Sponsorship can show that a company cares about its community and is prepared to invest in its future and the welfare of its citizens. Research shows that sports fans have a more positive perception of event sponsors.


Market an expansion to a new geography

When expanding into a new geography, what better way to announce a brand’s arrival and generate a marketing buzz, then through a partnership with a local sports event.


Market a launch of a new product

When launching a new product, brand’s need to drive excitement and awareness through multiple marketing channels to get as much attention and sales as possible.


Drive more website views

Get back-links from event websites to a company website via logo placement on their websites. Include company website link in an event social media profile, pinned post or feed. Generate interesting content from the event to include in the company blog.


Sell to a new, highly appealing target audience

Athletes spend a lot of money on gadgets, services, fashion and luxury goods. What better way to break into this elite community then getting exposure to a few of them using a sponsorship deal. Word of mouth marketing is huge among athletes, locker room chats on new products, athletes seeing what the other is wearing and using.



And on top of everything else, It’s Fun to actively support your local audience.


These benefits for businesses can continue well after sponsorship.



Yes   —  if your  customers or potential customers can be identifed as sports  participants,               spectators or viewers  

Yes   —  if your company or product will beneft from an association with a sport  

Yes   —  if you want to reach a wide audience with a relatively simple message  

Yes   —  if you want to demonstrate your commitment to your local community  

Yes   —  if you are prepared to integrate  sponsorship with other marketing  communications                     such as advertising, point-of-sale, direct mail, corporate  hospitality  

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